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Does the Serbian royal throne has a pretender?

After leaving Belgrade, as monarch of the Yugoslav Royal House, King Petar II Karadjordjevic practically abdicated from the Yugoslav throne. He and his descendants after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the eventual return of Serbia as a state on the world stage more not the first, as a rule heritage, Serbian heirs to the throne.

Although for decades hidden that Obrenovic Royal House has a living descendants, this fact was well known. After the despicable murder of King Aleksandar I Obrenovic in a conspiracy organized by the then Prince Petar Karadjordjevic, it was said, in the same directed that Obrenovic Dynasty no longer living descendants. This story was certainly far from the truth.

Milos brother by mother Lord Jakov Obrenovic had living descendants. Because they were subjected to constant persecution, they had their original surname Obrenovic that changes in Jakovljevic, in accordance with the name of an ancestor of this branch of the Royal Houses Obrenovic. Also, Municipal Court in Gornji Milanovac confirmed the origin of the members of the Royal House. At the meeting, which was held in early July 2015. members of the Privy Council and descendants have decided that the first head of the family and the Royal House becomes H.R.H. Prince Predrag R. Jakovljevic de Obrenovic.

H.R.H. Prince Predrag R. Jakovljevic de Obrenovic
H.R.H. Prince Predrag R. Jakovljevic de Obrenovic