Jakovljevic, descendants of the Obrenovic Dynasty

The story of the descendants of the Obrenovic Dynasty, became the actual moment when they were in Serbia from Heresti in Romania, transferred the relics of the Duke Milan Obrenovic in 1995. The event was recorded by TV cameras Serbian National Television. Actualization of the event was launched by the then Mayor of Gornji Milanovac, Mr. Drazimir Marusic, and the famous Serbian historian Dr. Rados Ljusic. On this occasion Dr. Rados Ljusic has released a book “Milan Obrenovic, Duke, commander and advisor Rudnicka nahija”. Then the book appeared genealogy Obrenovic, in which for the first time put a little more emphasis and two brothers by the mother of Prince Milos Obrenovic, Jakov and Milan.

Immediately, before all of these events, with the old family cemetery in the village of Brusnica next Gornji Milanovac were transferred to the the city museum tombstones of Jakov Obrenovic, his wife Djurdjija, wife of the Duke Milan, Stoja Obrenovic and Djordje Jakovljevic, son of Jakov Obrenovic. Their graves were located immediately near the family tomb of descendants Miloje Djordje Jakovljevic. The remains of Jakov, Djurdjija and Stoja Obrenovic were transferred to the churchyard of St. Nicholas in Brusnica 1994.
Old pear rowan, which is still located on the property Miloje descendants in Brusnica, still preserves the remains of the foundations of the old house where they once lived Jakov and Milan, and their brother, the latter Serbian Prince Milos Obrenovic.

Милан Обреновић
Војвода Милан Обреновић 1770-1810

At the initiative of Prince Predrag Jakovljevic de Obrenovic, it was decided to formally prove the origin of descendants of Miloje Jakovljevic (the most numerous part of the family). They included all the relatives from that part of the family. The court order, which was known only formality, it was obvious, because there were all the necessary evidence.